Manifesto: How to be Healthy

Want to be healthy? Start with these things: Eat real food, and a great variety of it. Enjoy it. Dance & walk & move as much as you can. Love somebody. Quit worrying about your weight or your bicep circumference and rejoice in the miracle of your body. Turn off the television. Go play outside. Read a book. Make something. Live every moment as though it mattered. Fill your life with people who support you and support them back. Take care of those who have fewer resources than you do. Drink water. Sleep. Dream.

6 responses to “Manifesto: How to be Healthy

  1. Liked and LOVED. 🙂 Just the things I need to read today. xx

  2. Love this – so true 🙂

  3. Are very basic steps but very powerful, everyone should to carry them out!


  4. Galena Carsson

    Hey, I like your tips for staying healthy. These are very common & basic tips. Everyone should follow these.

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